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These New Mind Blowing Rolex Watches Will Take Your Breath Away

These are the new mind blowing Rolex watch you should be shopping for as a globetrotter.
Rolex just dropped mind blowing collection of timeless and exquisite watches this 2019.

These are new generational watches with unbelievable functions entirely developed and manufactured by rolex.
These new mind blowing regatta beats Speed and precision in any context.

A timeless pieces for real lovers of watches with unbeatable functionalities.

                     As it is rightfully said “Every Rolex Watch Tells a Story”

The watches are unisex pieces, therefore suitable for all sexes.

Here are HS Best Picks.

The Yacht Master 42 Rolex Watch
Oyster 42mm white gold.

Rolex watch
This bracelet is fitted with an Oyster flex bracelet which singularly combines the robustness and reliability of a metal bracelet with the flexible comfort and aesthetics of an elastomer strap.

Here are the complex features of this piece.

  • The innovative bracelet is made up of flexible metal blade manufactured from Titanium and Nickel Alloy.
  • Overmolded blades with high performance elastomer.
  • Highly Resistant to Environmental effects.
  • Inside of the oysterflex bracelet is a longitudinal cushion that stabilize the watch on the wrist.
  •  Safety clamps which prevent accidental opening.
  • It features a glide locks extension system which allows fine adjustment of the bracelet.
  • The broadband and hour markers are filled with a luminescent material emitting long lasting glow even in the dark.

The Watch Of The Deep: SEA DWELLER

Rolex watch

Rolex is introducing an Oyster perpetual Sea Dweller in a Yellow role version, combining Oyster Steel and 18 Carat, yellow gold.
This piece was designed for professional deep sea-diving experts who spend extended period underwater.

Complex Features

  • It is said to be an ultra resistant tool made with special ceramics which creates monoblock bezels and monoblock bezels inserts.
  • Extremely corrosion-resistant and virtually scratchproof.
  • Rare intensity color that makes them unaffected by ultraviolet rays.
  • A paragon of robustness and reliability, the oyster case of sea dweller is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 1,0220 meters (4,000 feet) water deep.
  • Crafted with a corrosion-resistant Oyster Steel.
    43mm oyster steel and yellow gold.
  • These new version of the sea dweller is equipped with calibre 3235, a new generation movement entirely developed and manufactured by rolex.

They are subsequently known as timeless pieces that conquered the deep waters.

GT Master 11
Oyster 40mm Oyster steel

Rolex watch
The rolex GMT Master was originally designed for professional use to aid airline pilots.
But with time, it’s peerless functionality and undeniable aesthetics attracted a wider audience of world travelers.


  • Designed to show time in two different time zones simultaneously during intercontinental flights.
  • The watch is said to evoke intercontinental travel across time zones.
  • Manufactured from an extremely hard ceramic material (shock resistant and waterproof) with a traditional hour, minutes and second display via hands, a 24 hour hand and a bi-directional rotatable bezels with a 24-hour graduated cerachrom inserts.
  • The GMT master was developed to meet the needs of airline pilot at the height of a golden age of air travel.

These badass pieces are all you need as a globetrotter or even a regular fan of highly functional Rolex Watch.

You can check more about these watches on their official website; here

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