Hadley Diamante Perspex Heels

The Hadley Diamante Perspex Heels: HS shoe of the day.

Every woman knows how important her choice of footwear is to her overall outfit.

To me…. I worry about my shoe first before my clothes.

Well, it may be unconnected to the fact that I am a footwear addict, I generally think footwear is as important as a piece of clothing for a complete fashionable statement. let me not drag you down my long gist of shoes.

Here is why i picked them as my ‘shoe of the day’

They are super comfy.

They are made by one of my best designers.

They are latest in heel design.


They are available in uk size 3-9

Heel height: 4.5″/11.5cm

Material: Synthetic

Color: Black

Fashion tip

Wear with any lovely dress.

Hadley Diamante Perspex Heels
Styling tips for the Hadley Diamante Perspex Heels

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What do you think of my pick.

Is it boring or trending?

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Urah is a creative entrepreneur, her love for shoes and pairing tips led her to create the heelsofshoes. She is a lover of Books, Teas, and nature's most outstanding beauties. Follow Urah, as she takes you round her world of breathtaking beauties.

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