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Hello I am Urah Toks, the busy, mum of twins behind the heels of shoes.

I have one goal only “to make you happy”
I created heels of shoes to get all your latest fashion pieces in one place. You need not worry about following blogs or worry about what trend to buy for any outfit or shoes, heels of shoes got you all covered up. this is a go to blog that will surely keep you, not only entertained but help you achieve a celeb-worthy wardrobe with a minimial budget.

I appreciate the visit I hope you stay with me for your daily dose of fashionable footwear.

   The blog

Heels of shoes is a Nigerian shoes and lifestyle blog.

I created the outlet to vent my intense love for shoes and to share with my fellow shoe-craze lovers the latest and most fashionable shoes to meet a conscious fashionable slaying.

Just like me, I know most women would love to sample varieties of shoes even if they cannot actually wear them.

You can use this medium to rekindle that love.

Though heelsofshoes with serve not only to quench your love for sample viewing of shoes, but to be of a little help to fashionistas on how to be more creative with styles to enhance their confidence and natural beauty.

I hope you stay for your daily dose of fashionable footwear.


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